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September 17, 2014


Jim Walter

I'd argue that the too large carry on is to blame. If I'm traveling with just a laptop or something like that, I'd rather stick it up top and have what limited leg room there is, for my legs. I think (and maybe this has been covered in an airlaw) that if you have to push, stuff, strain and grunt to get your carry on bag in the overhead bin, you should have to leave it behind on the tarmac.

Bill Geist

True Dat…Air Law 5.

However…Jim, I've alerted Air Marshals to be on the lookout for you. Enjoy your next flight…LOL

Karen Lega

It is worse on the airlines that charge for checking a bag (i.e. UAL). I noticed that there is a lot more overhead space on Southwest flights because people are more willing to check their bags.

Jim Walter

In that case, I may just go all in, and throw my cowboy boots on too! Why violate one law when you can slow down an entire terminal.

Bill Geist

That's the spirit! Have a great weekend...

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