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September 08, 2014


Angie Briggs

I like the idea a lot, Bill. Unfortunately, I've noticed that the housekeeping staff at a number of hotels I've visited recently are "recycling" soap by placing the previous guest's slightly used soap BACK in the box and leaving it for the next guest (ewww). So, ironically, I've started packing my own soap when I travel. Perhaps installing bath gel dispensers in hotel showers is a better solution to ensure a sanitary, no waste environment.

Donna Grube

We just got back from a tour all around the UK & Ireland and saw not a single bar of soap even though we stayed in eight different hotels. All had liquid soap and shower gel dispensers. I thought that was a great idea!

Bill Geist

Recycling soap in the box for the next guest? Angie…you stay at ALL the best places ;)

But, yes…liquid soap makes so much more sense (and is likely significantly more cost effective for hotels (after the initial investment). Amazed so few in the States have gone that direction.

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