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September 23, 2014


Tim Morrissey

Too many of us have been "scared" by the constant fear-mongering of the 24/7 "news" media...and as a corollary, a lot of people have been made to feel (and I'm talking about the Tea People and their fans here) as if other people (blacks, teachers, gov't employees) are "getting something they're not" so they're ANGRY. (Fear and anger are wonderful companions.) They take out their anger on those they automatically think of as being below them in social status, because they can't take it out on their perceived peer group, and don't have the courage to direct their anger appropriately. So they don't tip.

I'm not talking so much about millenials here as I am 40+ "grown-ups" who dine on the crap being fed to them by the scare-mongering media - which the millenials don't consume.

Just my BS theories.

Bill Geist

Not BS at all. I think the anger / entitlement thing has some validity. But, it still sucks.

Tim…we both entered what we believed to be a nobel profession when we entered the workforce. And, I still think it was. It sure as hell is no longer.

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