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September 15, 2014


Elaine McLaughlin

I agree Bill that some of the rules imposed by government can be ridiculous and this is a great example. But I have to add an "It Depends" caveat. If the DMO is operating at the local level and has a long history of total support from elected leadership, they can be more nimble since the organization has spending authority and operates as an enterprise. It can be done and there are successful Bureaus that prove it. The advantage is that when it works. the Bureau doesn't have to go hat in hand, year after year begging for a new contract with the governmental body providing the lion's share of funding. Long range planning and marketing are a given.

Bill Geist

Absolutely, Elaine. As we've advised several communities, it's less about structure and more about leadership (or lack thereof). I can point to best-in-class DMOs in each of the primary three formats (one of which is government)…it's just that the successful government versions are rarer.

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