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December 23, 2014


Maura Gast

I'd forgotten about this one - thanks for the rewind. I'm still trying to track down the MP3 of the Chris Rea version of Drivin' Home for Christmas - apparntly available on the UK version of ITunes but not here... Go figure...

PS - Love the Christmas mix you guys sent - been jamming to it today! Merry and Happy!

Bill Geist

Have a Joyous Holiday…and we look forward to hanging more in 2015!

Lee T

That was chillingly beautiful. Thanks for posting.

Bill Geist

Funny that this one hasn't been as prevalent on radio as it once was. Of course, at one time it was one of a handful. Now there are thousands of Christmas songs…many with artists more "hip" than Greg and Ian. But, few as talented.

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