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May 01, 2015


Tim Morrissey

Congrats on the double-decade! Best wishes for the great years still ahead for you and your organization!

Jim Epperson

My how the years add up. Congratulations on what you've built and thanks for being a sounding board, mentor and occasional cattle prod for all of us in the industry. You help make us more professional.

Bill Geist

Thanks to the two or you (and the hundreds of others) that offered me encouragement along the way. The 20 is a testament to us all.

Lee Tasseff

Huge Kudos for 20 very successful years! In awe at your evolution from fledgling consultant to a force in the industry. Of course, being a smart a-- probably had something to do with it:) I've truly valued the debates and the challenging of ideas over the years. Jim's right, it's made us be more professional. Here's to you my friend...Rock on for 20 more!

Oh yeah, thanks for being Epperson's cattle prod...

Jim Murphy

Congratulations on two successful decades! When longtime media people muster up the nerve to leave their "cocoon" they discover how extremely capable they are. You are living proof of this. I have no doubt your next venture will be a tremendous success. Best of luck in all that you do.

Bill Geist

Ahhh, Jim...my radio brother from another mother. You listened to the lyrics, didn't you? LOL. Not exactly sure if or what that next venture is but, "eight lives down, got one life left." Rock on and congratulations on YOUR marketing agency's longevity...and thanks!

Cole Carley

20 big ones. That's a great milestone. Congratulations, my friend. You have, in Stephen Covey's words, been able to "live, love, learn, and leave a legacy." And you're not done yet. All my best.

Bill Geist

Thanks, Cole...and, you're right. Not done yet. Nor are you. Let's rock this thing.

Jack Wert

Congrats Bill. Proof positive there is life after CVB.

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