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April 22, 2015


Mark Wegner

There are a few venues offering Blues and Rock during the week in Kankakee...The Journal covers them fairly well and the locals all know about them....Friends of the Blues and Sammy's Pizza advertise when they have bands....what is a good way to get the word out to visitors to Greater Kankakee, on both weekends and during the week...."wednesday"

Bill Geist

Roughly a third of all visitors access the local CVB website for information on things to do...increasingly on mobile platforms. So, making sure that the CVB website or mobile app is updated with club dates would go a long way to connecting visitors that don't even think to pick up the Journal (hell, they don't even know what the Journal is). And, once that copy is online, it is more easily accessed by those doing a Google search. Like I said...it really should be the CVB that curates all this content.

Larry's team at the Kankakee County CVB has assembled a great calendar of events...but it could use some more club dates. It's a two way street, tho...their website has a link for bars to upload their bands. If you know the owners, you should suggest this as a way to score new patrons.

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