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August 11, 2015


Beckie Nix

Spot on, Bill. A few years ago I contacted the president of a local TV station in the community where I was living. I wanted to find out why they had completely ignored a press release touting a contract the CVB had just signed which would bring $8 million into the local economy. This is what he told me...and you'd better sit down: 'Each morning as the news team decides what to report to the community, we check the news feed, along with any overnight press releases. The winning stories are those we feel ' Ida' wants to hear.' Ida being the name they had given their local viewership. When I inquired further about 'Ida', I was told they ranked their viewers as an uninterested, non-involved, narcissistic populous with about an 8th grade equivalency. Following this logic, our locality was pelted relentlessly with stories about (or from) the man with one tooth who dances naked on the street corner, (Ida's first cousin, I presume) rather than learning what keeps the local economy growing and supporting it's residents. It is a sad, sad situation, and Walter is indeed spinning!

Lee T

Bill, I believe Beckie gets a prize for that answer...as sad as it may be.

Bill Hanbury

I've been saying for months that Carly is the best candidate on the playing field....still predicting she'll win the whole thing.

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