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October 12, 2015


Shelly Green

We have residency as a requirement to work at our DMO. There are a few exceptions that have been made either because someone got married and moved to another community where his/her spouse already owned a home or we were recruiting and could not find a resident, therefore reluctantly went outside.) Here's the reason this makes total sense to me. We want our employees to eat, sleep and play in our destination in order for them to get the most in-depth knowledge of the product. We want them to also get to know the people and the values that we hold dear as a community. When you live 40 minutes away, then you most likely do your shopping, praying, eating, dry cleaning and homeowners association meetings in another destination. So all things being equal, we prefer hiring people that already live here, or if it's a new recruit from outside the market, then someone who is willing to give it its all by diving head first into the destination. - Shelly

Bill Geist

Well stated, Shelly. And, with the caveat of extenuating circumstances, I agree.

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