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December 29, 2015


Meilee Anderson

I wish my state had a tourism office for the pompous jerk to pick on. What a blowhard he must be. The Pure Michigan efforts are to be praised not put down.

Bill Geist

True 'dat!

Thom Connors

The Pure Michigan campaign is run by passionate, knowledgeable professionals and the Michigan Economic Development Corp is the right agency to oversee it. Travel Michigan head Dave Lorenz has been there for 13 years - since the inception of the 'Pure Michigan' campaign which put the state back on the travel map.

Bill Geist

Bang on, Thom...and, especially given the new Longwoods International research, the synergies make all the sense in the world.

Lee T

After I got done shaking my head Mr. Lennox's words, then laughing...it reminded me of political battles launched unfairly at DMOs, whose perpetrators use idiots like Lennox as cover. At that point, I stopped laughing and started swearing again. It is a grim reminder of the vigilance we must all have to not only be prepared to defend our efforts, but also to go on offense to prevent as many attacks as possible.

Bill Geist

I hear you. The sad state of reality is that everyone now has a microphone. While enabling "the little guy" to finally have a voice, it also suggests that such a voice be recognized as informed. I post on Destination Marketing because I've lived it for 30 years. I don't post on healthcare because I once had the flu.

Lee T

I gotta remember that:)

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