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December 15, 2015



What isn't mentioned by the Senator is the tax revenues generated by visitors, too. Adding those dollars to the state budget would enable the state to invest more dollars in quality teachers, quality infrastructure and quality technology.

He also fails to recognize in his rant about the end of school date that other states (MN for instance) start after Labor Day and are done by June. There's no week-plus Spring Break.

You can have it both ways. Tourism can exist and compliment quality education in many, many ways.

Bill Geist

True 'dat, my friend. He's quite selective in his talking points...which is part of my point. How do we let people we can't trust govern?

Lee T

Your question on letting people we can't trust govern is a good one. Mostly I find political arguments like this one intellectually lacking not to mention insulting, thus making your point. Having read articles in several states it amazes me that not once is the view of the parents considered or considered valid. That speaks volumes.


All valid points Bill! Plus, having just spent the past three years sending my children to school in Maryland, I can tell you that I have never seen so many scheduled days off like they do in Maryland public schools... My kids her in Ohio usually start school around August 22-25th and are usually done around May 31st- June 3rd.... In Maryland, they often started around August 25-27th and went until June 16-18th.. (this included the entire week off for Thanksgiving, multiple in-service days for teachers, and mandated regular half-days on average of once every two weeks). Perhaps the god Senator from Maryland should examine the efficiency of the school calendar as well before casting judgement...

Bill Geist

Michigan showed the nation that when you require a minimum number of hours of instruction (rather than days), the calendar (and associated operational costs) can be sensationally maximized for a win-win-win.

Tim Morrissey

Plus, the blustering ass does nothing to bring the issue of the confiscatory rates charged by the student loan industry to the floor of Senate - although it would face certain death. Also, you make a great point about what Michigan did with public instruction, changing the metric to hours, not days, of face-to-face instruction.

Bill Geist

Michigan was able to save a couple weeks of bus routes, lunch service, custodial, A/C and electrical, etc. by adding a few minutes to each school day. Millions that could be put back into (gasp) teachers! It can be done...but School Boards and Administrators need to start listening to parents.

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