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February 24, 2016


Lee T

"...in 2009, the City of Galena contracted with VisitGalena to create another marketing organization." Not knowing the backstory, why did they form?

Gina Speckman

I hope that Chris does not lose his job that would be very short-sighted. I am sure as part of this effort they can work together. It is never because of good marketing reasons these splits happen - it is ALWAYS personalities and politics and you would think that the powers that be would CARE enough about their destination to make sure these things didn't happen but.....personalities and politics won out in Galena for far too long.

Bill Geist

Lee: As Gina said, it was politics. Downtown City Council thought the DMO was giving destination resort (which was outside the city limits) too much love, so they took their ball and made a much smaller ball. And, Gina: As long as residents don't demand a higher standard from their elected officials, we'll continue to suffer as people who aren't qualified to lead persist in playing their petty games. Sadly.

Sharon Tabor

This is a lesson that should be learned by many DMO's and government officials across the U.S. I know one county that has 3 DMO's for a county less than 44,000 in population. Fragmented dollars diminish effectiveness.

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