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June 07, 2016


Maura Gast

You are too good to me!!

Bill Geist

LOL...YOU are the thought leader. I'm just the acolyte ;)

Rick Vaughan

Maura does a wonderful job of bringing clarity and simplicity to the true message of the DMO value proposition. Thanks to Maura and her Acolyte for constantly reminding us of this importance.


I remember when you said this at the annual convention. It had a big impact on me. Thanks Bill for the reminder. The timing is perfect.

Shelly Green


Lee T

Happy to make you even more famous Maura!

Thanks Bill

Kevan J. Ridgway

Absolutely brilliant! Perfect timing as we submit our marketing plan to Council.

Cole Carley

Great, as usual, from the Madcap Maven of the Metroplex.

Bill Geist

Coming from the Crack Consultant from the Cold, that's high praise ;)

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