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August 25, 2016



I agree that video is a good way to tell a story; but there are reasons that it doesn't work for me. Nothing I hate worse than clicking on a story and having a video pop up. First depending on wi-fi speeds I may need to wait for loading, then there is the commercial, then a 30 second story...

Video is not fast enough! I have things to do. With a written story I can read the whole thing in 5 seconds. If there is just one piece of information I want I can scan the story even faster and get my information quicker. If I am on a plane do I want the person next to me hearing the news article I am viewing?

Bill Geist

Never said it was the only way...just that, for most, it's going to be the most effective. You, sir...are an outlier ;)


Hey thanks! We're so proud to showcase our city through the eyes of locals. They make great storytellers. Cheers!

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