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February 27, 2017


Maura Allen Gast

So on another online forum, someone posted: "If Visit Florida is defunded, as some members of the legislature want to do, would that impact your decision to hold your meeting in Florida?" The first answer from a meeting planner was no.

So I rephrased the question: "Maybe the better question is: If Visit Florida is defunded, and less and less people choose Florida over their soon-to-be-better-known competitors, and tax rates on visitors (and residents) skyrocket in order to pay for all the convention centers, stadiums, theaters and arenas - not to mention beach renourishment - previously funded on visitor taxes so that Florida becomes one of the most heavily taxed destinations in the country - would that impact your decision to hold your meeting in Florida?"

That answer came back yes.


Florida's competitors have been luring their leisure base for years now and it will take very little to close the sale. If no one is actively inviting leisure travelers to Florida the other southeast states will be more than happy to welcome them.

Gina Speckman

If politicians thought so little of marketing and advertising, why do they spend so much time fundraising and spending money on advertising during election season? People know who they are, they will vote anyways? RIGHT? Hypocrits on so many issues these days - this being a glaring one. Tourism and Florida - such a reach to think of the connection?!?!

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