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March 08, 2017


Susan Estler

Great suggestion Bill.

Lee T

That's sage advice. We soft launched the re-naming/branding of our Bureau earlier this year and it has gone well. Before you ask...no, we didn't ask permission.

Bill Geist

Well played, my friend.

Gary Sherwin

The roll out of a branding process and how it is managed is as important as the branding process itself. A true branding methodolgy honestly goes through a reassessment of the good, bad and ugly of a destination. Community leaders need to know that upfront if this process has any integrity. By asking themselves and their customers if they have any awareness of the destination is critical to how the brand is formed. A genuine brand is not created by a local civic booster effort or glossing over unpleasant truths. If a community benefits from branding it has to have a honest assessment of itself and that includes visitors who may see the community very differently than residents. Branding is about defining a community based strategy that is based on reality and not what locals want their community to be like. Cheers to Mary for asking the tough questions necessary and I hope that honesty gets the community to a better place.

Bill Geist

Well said, my friend.

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