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August 02, 2017


Beckie Nix, DM Strategist and Consultant

'And another one bites the dust'...again and again and again...did I say 'again'? Will local government ever get the point that your DMO, so critical to your locality's economic sustainability, needs to be left in the hands of the trained professionals in the field?! Why do local government officials, who have no training in such a specialized field as destination marketing, so often have the mindset they can take a proven, successful, award-winning program and do it better? THEY CAN'T. And unfortunately agendas, both political and personal, are most often at the bottom of it all. The best government for a DMO is the one that operates on this 4-step philosophy: 1) Hire talented, experienced professionals in their field. 2) Give them the resources they need to do their job. 3) Get out of their way and watch them fly. 4) Reap the benefits!

Bill Geist

Nailed it.

Susan Estler

Um, yes...

Dave Nolan

History repeats itself time and time again.

Kicker is the industry seldom reacts to the press and abuse. A wish, perhaps of many, can leadership representing the "union" of Destinations descend on a community and create news, create national support? Can we not review the merit of having a crisis emergency team that arrives post haste and meets with leaders, media and fights for the Destination? Having been in the cross hairs I certainly would have enjoyed my peers paid to advance the cause arrive at the or need and help fight, the good fight.

Not sure I ever understood why a PR and Education effort in time of great need has not been addressed. Yep, I hold a Seal Team is needed. Too easy to push around a beholding CVB....bring in the Big Dogs from DC.

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