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February 06, 2018


Lee T

I like this a lot. So much so, (that beyond my entire staff) I am making our hired marketing partners (designers, website team, PR, social media manager, etc...) listen to Jan's part of the podcast. She does a great job of explaining the concepts and ads a large market take on what we have been telling our partners. Great choice Bill!

Kristen Hanifin

Excellent commentary Bill. Thank you for sharing.

Bill Geist

My friend Joe Buhler sent me a photo of a T-Shirt that Swiss Tourism produced 25-years ago: “Don’t Tourist Me. I’m on Vacation.” Nothing like being aherad of the times, eh?

Trish Steckenrider

Very interesting point that I had truly never thought of. What other podcasts do you recommend for DMOs?

Bill Geist

There really aren't that many podcasts in our space. We like "Destination On The Left" for interviewing people doing innovative stuff.

Blogs are another matter. We regularly follow Bill Baker (www.destinationbranding.com/blog), TwoSix Digital (http://twosixdigital.com/blog/) and Tom Martin (http://www.conversedigital.com/blog).

Suggestions for other podcasts and blogs out there?

Matt Stiker

This "tourism vs. traveler" debate was front of mind as we went through our re-brand of the San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau - and we ultimately settled on "San Francisco Travel" as the new name for some of the same reasons Jan spells out. We also chose not to use "Visit" for a similar reason - you "visit" the dentist, you "visit" your Aunt Dorothy, but we felt the word "Travel" suggested a deeper, more meaningful and more substantive exploration of the destination than the word "visit" did. Thanks for sharing this, Bill!

Bill Geist

Interesting juxtaposition between "Travel" and "Visit." Love the thought process behind it.

Nicole Mahoney

Great conversation Bill. Thanks for sharing this podcast. Thank you for the shout out for Destination on the Left too! Glad you enjoy it and find value from our guests. I would love to have you on the show.

Bill Geist

We absolutely do...and would be honored. Thanks for all you do.

Bill Geist

We’ve just discovered a new Destination Marketing podcast called “The Destinationists.” Check it out: https://www.thedestinationists.com

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