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May 29, 2018


Lee T

You are dead on that kids will emulate what they learn while playing. Parents have the choice to instill ethics...or not. Our son loves Monopoly and plays to win. When younger, he would try to "bend the rules" because he wanted to win so badly. He got busted quickly, repeatedly and penalized till he got the message. Our daughter learned strategic thinking in a simple way her playful mind could understand by playing the Kipper, "Where are my toys?" board game. Happy to say that both remember those lessons now that they are college. No guarantees on where they end up in life, but it is nice to see something sunk in:)


Sometimes life lessons are not learned to children, they are taught by the experiences of life. These experiences can be get by taking participate in games, by learning arts and culture and more such social activities. Cheating is the fact which encourages players to win. But it is not good for children to teach how to cheating because it may prove bad impact on them. So its parents responsibility to teach their children ethical values.

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