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April 02, 2019


Jim Clark

As a former DMO Exec, I can tell you that in my time in Steamboat Springs there was downright hostility towards Triple Crown Sports, who play youth baseball tournaments in the summer. And, they are based in Fort Collins directly to the west. Angry residents at City Council meetings decrying the kids playing in swimming pools in apartment complexes at night. Cries to defund the Chamber's marketing budget (to you city folks, in resorts the tourism, Ec. Dev. and Chamber functions are usually combined). Heavier weekend traffic, and some on the weekdays which might add 5 minutes to a commute were frequent commments to the newspaper.

When I taught tourism classes at Colorado State before that, lots of talk with the department and in many textbooks and studies about the negative impacts of tourism. If you're going to study something, you have to take the good with the bad.

The Colorado economy is good. Very good. I'm now in the residential real estate world, and I can testify to that. More Denver/Front Range residents are hitting the mountains for recreation as the millennial population swells, and it's an issue.

It seems to be no issue in Denver, where the City and Visit Denver have done just about everything right to bring large conventions to town. But in the resorts, it's a different story. I'm sure this rings true in many parts of the world right now.

People hate 'em when they're here, but when the economy tanks, they're welcomed back. Unfortunately you can't have it both ways.

Retired from tourism and running a real estate investment trade group (and an investor myself) I'm a meeting planner now, so be nice. Best to all my old tourism buddies...

Bill Geist

Thanks for checking in, my friend. And, glad to hear there's life after Tourism. Your example reminds us that it's not just international destinations that are facing the backlash of "over-tourism."

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