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February 21, 2020


Lee T

From his NYTimes obit article. "Mr. Linhart’s engrossing performance of the Dino Valenti song “Get Together” inspired another key musician on the scene, Jesse Colin Young, to record that song with his group, the Youngbloods."

Had no clue who he was, but loved the connection to one of my all time favorite songs.

Thanks for sharing.

Bill Geist

Love it...

Jim Murphy

It was sensational because of you, Bill. You were one great Program Director and it was an honor to work with you. There will never be another BYG.

Bill Geist

With all due respect, as Robin Williams said in his rant on golf,"Fooock, no." It was the team we all assembled. That moment in time when a disparate group of creatives came together and waged an insurrection against management and sales. It was that subterfuge that made us great. That electricity. I miss it...and all of you.

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