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February 11, 2020


Lee T

Yeah, the world isn't perfect, but the person in your example exhibited ZERO common courtesy toward others let alone common sense. A "tell" about who he is, perhaps? In extraordinary situations, I get it. Otherwise, not joining:)

Shelly Green

Thanks to my germ-a-phobic partner, Reyn, I now carry Durisan hand sanitizer in my pocket everywhere I go. (This is the non-toxic, alcohol-free kind that is in a flat package about the size of a credit card.) I used to tease him about always using it but as we watched friends and acquaintances get the flu and other "junk" this year we stayed flu-free. (Note that most of these friends got the flu shot, so getting the flu shot, which we always do, isn't enough to protect you.) I am unapologetic about pulling it out and using it. I even passed mine around the table at a business dinner/banquet last night! So, yes! Let's start a new movement!

Bill Geist

Great point-counter point, my friends. I guess we'll never know how the experiment suggested by The Mobile World Congress would have played out. They cancelled the Conference because so many exhibitors and attendees bailed because of the fears over the coronavirus.

Speros A Batistatos

Bill, as hospitality professionals, this policy strikes me as "Inhospitable". Perhaps we could commit to carrying the small bottles of hand sanitizer. They are readily available and very portable.

The other option is for people who know they have colds not to be "malakas" and advise you they aren't being rude by not shaking your hand.... just my 2 cents.

Bill Geist

I hear you, brother. But, as much as I'd like to believe that people that are under the weather would think of others before themselves, I've been on way too many airplanes where passengers too sick to fly are on board. It's the increasing lack of civility and awareness of those around them that is at the root of this issue. I know it's an impossible goal, but the act of a slight bow to convey respect seems the smarter move...except when you and I meet, because I know you DO care and would say, "let's just fist bump," if you're under the weather.

Rob Stern

Another less than perfect option is packing a sandwich lunch from home, and using the Ziploc bag as a germ barrier, and a handy crumb catcher, too. You can eat chips and M&Ms from a bag without touching them as well. Maybe not perfect, but helpful.

Bill Geist

Love it!

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