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April 30, 2020


Shelly Green

Congratulations! You have made quite an impact in those 25 years. I'm not really a bourbon drinker but I lift my glass of wine in a toast to you and Terri. Here's to as many more years as you want to do this! (I started to say 25 more years and went, "Uh, no."

Julie Pingston

Cheers! Thanks for the impact you’ve made on so many destinations...including ours! Congratulations!

Tim Schmidt

Nice job.

T. Schmidt

Brad Dean

Mega props to you, Captain oh Captain. Your influence extends far beyond your friends. You’ve enlightened, inspired and educated a small army of followers who are better because if you. To know you and Terri is a pleasure, and to gain your confidence & counsel is a rich privilege.

Bishop Jim Logan

Congratulations my dear brother. Neither distance or years can negate the connection we have had and will have for years to come. I am proud of what you have accomplished. I raise my goblet of communion wine (Lol) to you. Be increasingly blessed in all that remains of your journey.

Dave Mietzner

Bill, I am honored to be able to call you friend. Becky and I have enjoyed getting to know Terri as we’ve all grown up and made changes to our lives and lives of people who are in our paths. We’ve come a long way since our silly antics on swim team at Eastridge!
God Bless you brother!

Robert Ian

Bill, serving, working and innovating with you on key projects over the years has been a foundational anchor that I draw upon to this day. Thank you for the honor of your friendship.

tom martin

Toasted one or maybe 3 from the boat tonight in your general direction and most certainly in your honor sir! Congrats. Love seeing the good ones succeed.

Anna Tanski

Add my name to the long list of those who are beyond grateful for your professional guidance. It’s transformed our organization! Congrats on 25 years! Cheers, Anna Tanski

Michael Stershic

Congratulations! I'll raise a glass in your honor tomorrow. Thank you for all you've done.

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