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April 20, 2020


Gretchen Dahlen

Excellent article. Thanks for highlighting it, Bill. I might add that there has been some discussion about "small hotels" coming back first, due to customer preference. While I might agree a properly licensed bed & breakfast establishment has greater appeal, I can also make a strong case for large hotels. 1) They should have the resources and expertise to use best practices for sanitation and safety. 2) They understand the value of protecting their brand (hence, motivation). And 3) They should be able to leverage "room rotation" between guests while they are under-capacity - to permit any lingering virus to die out before another guest is put in that room. As for unregulated air B&B, no thanks.

Bill Geist

Great points, my friend. And, it's been too long. Hope you are well...

Beth Javens

I concur 100%. Having a back of the house training I don't recall having seen any EcoLab products on the shelves during my STR stays.

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