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August 20, 2020


Tim Morrissey

Bill, my friend, that's a pretty broad brush you're painting with. Here in the NYC metro, our "local" stations covered the derecho and the destruction in Cedar Rapids just as diligently as they covered TS Isaias when it hit us. Toni and I watch NBC Nightly News (switching over from WABC to WNBC at 6:30) and they covered the destruction with live segments from Cedar Rapids four nights in a row. I also watch and read a number of other "national media" and I saw coverage on every one of them. The perception may be that the national media didn't do enough extensive coverage of the derecho and destruction in and around Cedar Rapids, but I saw acres and acres of downed cornfields and building destruction on national media. It's not fair or accurate to say the national media "skipped over" the destruction. Best wishes always, Bill...

Bill Geist

Hey Tim...that's good to know and I stand corrected. I was basing my view on that from the abject frustration of a TV reporter on the ground in Cedar Rapids and the fact that I saw virtually nothing online (we haven't had the TV on in weeks). Online I've seen more about the oil freighter tragedy in Mauritius than the derecho in Iowa. Hoping you're loving your new digs out east. Stay well...

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