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October 09, 2020


Lee T

I owned "I Can See Clearly Now" as an 11 year old. Loved that song. Eddie was the most gifted guitarist of his and other generations. Was too young to witness Hendrix, but blessed to have grown up with Van Halen. I can still remember hearing "Eruption" for the first time. The sound that blasted out of my friend's Jensen-powered car stereo was an explosion that stunned us frozen. You just had to sit still and experience it. It remains the most memorable experience of my teenage rock music life. While "Jump" may have been their most successful single, it was lame. Panama kicks its butt from start to finish. You are dead on with "Tattoo". Totally appreciate the Farm Aid clip. RIP Eddie and Johnny

David Holder

Ever since I saw the news of EVH, I have been looking forward to your perspective. Truly an innovator! Thanks as always, Bill.

Bill Geist

Thanks, my friend. Really not that much to say that hasn't been said...so, I just let his artistry do the talking.

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