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March 12, 2021


Lee T

As a Northeast Ohio kid who grew up with Michael Stanley songs, I want to say thank you for recognizing him. He never seemed to break out of the Midwest in a big way, which was inexplicable, but he connected totally with his audience because he was one of "us". Just like any Cleveland Browns or Indians player who gave back knows, and are forever rewarded with unwavering loyalty from the fans.
He was a constant presence for what seemed, forever. He was always accessible, charitable and put on a great show no matter how small the venue. He is irreplaceable. RIP Michael

Bill Geist

Couldn't agree with you more, my friend. I can't explain it either. Great riffs. Powerful lyrics. A great stage show. When I was in radio in the Chicago market, we played the shit out of MSB...but nobody else did. Never could understand it. He'll always be in my top 5.

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