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April 08, 2021


David Hinderliter

Point right on target Bill. I once worked for an organization that changed our URL to be a much better reflection of who we were. Unfortunately, the renewal for the old URL got sent to another agency and then down the rabbit hole. I never saw it or thought about it. Imagine my chagrin when I went to a board meeting early one day only to have board members looking at a Mexican porn site! It took over a year and a lot of cash to capture it back. What a nightmare so please everyone, don't make the mistake that I had to live through. Listen to Bill Geist and you will be better off.

Bill Geist

Sorry to hear that it happened to you, brother. It happens more than any of us want to admit.


This isn't a screw up by a pro running a DMO. It is an outcome of the county dismantling their DMO some years back out of greed/power and not knowing how to run one in the first place.

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