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August 04, 2021



Fauci literally just said vaxed=unvaxxed in terms of charge load of virus and spread.

Gibraltar was at 99% population vaccinated 3 months ago, they're on the red list from multiple countries now.

Just compare California and Texas to see this absolutely crazy policies or forcing people home, masking them and vaccinating them is not the right thing to do. Australia is the same thing.

These Vax are rubbish, they're creating the variants (as per medecine Nobel Prize Pr. Luc Montagnier), there's no long time study, insurances are not covering any side effects, there are an incredible amount of people who died from them..

Moira Gehring

How about "NO VAX, NO ADMISSION" on our Southern border? Those folks are being flown to destinations throughout the US. Also take a look at infection rates in Israel, where the vast majority of citizens have been vaccinated and where the control group has been eliminated. Current data show that the infection rate is the same for both vaccinated and unvaccinated. Empirical data from other countries also reveal the injections have no effect on transmission.

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