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January 20, 2022


Lee T

"And, another reason why a DMO's work often starts at home...and not 50 miles away." Absolutely, as long as the cultural asset is in with us to help carry that message. If they are, it can be fun and rewarding. However, some times they are their own worst enemy and helping them becomes a one-way partnership that doesn't work out well. One of our truisms is simply, "We work best with those that work with us." Just as in life...if you offer to help, that offer must be accepted. That partnership always succeeds! If you got that manager to team up with his DMO on that goal, you've done the Lord's work.

George Tzougros


Thought you'd be interested in this new study.

Quick Study: Positive Psych Researchers Take on Art Museums
By Any Measure | ArtsJournal.com


Bill Geist

Thanks, guys. Lee: He's already on board and has a great relationship with his DMO. But your point is spot on...we can only help those that are willing to work with us. And, in this case, he understands the path that will get his facility the highest ROI.

And, George: Cool concept. Proving what any of us do is tough...but this study gets us closer.

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