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March 13, 2023


Paul Nursey

Bill thank-you for your steady leadership through the pandemic. By sharing the podcasts and stories of how DMO leaders worked, adapted and were resilient, you provided an invaluable resource to all of us. Grateful.

Paul Nursey
Destination Greater Victoria

Bill Geist

Thank you for the kind words, Paul. We're all in this together...and learning from each other has been uplifting and cathartic. And, we couldn't have done it without each other.

Lee T

"It's been a long, strange journey", hasn't it? Agree with Paul that you were a steady resource for us all out there trying to make sense of what was happening and figuring out the best way to make solid decisions. The stories relayed about our peers were a lifeline to us all. Respect, my friend!

Bonus Round: Can you name the author of the quote I stole?

Bill Geist

Thank you too, Lee. It's what we all do for each other in trying times. We were just happy to be in a position to share the sector's responses and best practices. And, we'll continue to do that as long as people find value in the Z-News, the blog and the DMOU Podcast.

Bonus Round: I'm hearing Jerry....

Phil Bruno

Felt like our industry had the intire forest burn down around us. But now there is the excitement of new growth and new starts in different directions. Going back to baseball spring training this week! Wish me luck....

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