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August 24, 2023


Lee T

You can never go wrong with Pirates' quote. LOL! We had the same response in Ohio dating back to the mid-2000's. School starts kept encroaching on summer. Wrap your head around this: Those schools who started earlier and earlier, their students' test scores never really got better. However, the schools that started later and had higher test scores.

We were treated like Big Tobacco or Big Pharma in that it was an "industry" against the "children". It was a BS argument as we had surveys from parents that were on our side...didn't want school to start in the summer. The associations for the "industry" of education were a massive wall of intransigence with absolutely no concern for what local districts wanted or nor what parents in those districts wanted. And legislators backed them up. It was eye-opening.

Bil Geist

When we were in the School Start Date battle here in Wisconsin, we found the same thing. Students starting after Labor Day had better test scores than those that didn't. Teachers preferred post-Labor Day. Parents preferred post-Labor Day. The only people who want to start early are School Boards and Administrators. And legislators automatically assume they are the authority on what's best for our kids (when they are not).

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