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August 04, 2023


George Tzougros

Thank you for sharing, Bill. As the Greeks say, "May his memory be eternal!"

Bill Geist

Thanks, my friend. And, it will be as long as those who knew him take breath.

Renee Areng

Lovely tribute, Bill. So sorry for your loss. It looks as if he had a long and prosperous life, a gift in itself. May he rest in peace.

Dave Blank

So sorry to hear, Bill. Our condolences.

Lee T

I know this wasn't easy...respect for doing it. A lovely nod to your Dad. Someday, I'd like to know more. I did like your first two music choices...classics! If you are 49% his, who did you get most of your musical tastes from? My condolences on such a large life loss. It's gonna take a while to absorb...it just will. Be well, my friend.

Bill Geist

Thanks, my friend. I'm sure most of our Dads had oversized influences in our lives. And yes, he gave me the thirst for music exploration. My Mom gave me the thirst for learning about people.

Judy Barnard

It is so difficult losing a parent - at any age. I am so sorry for your loss, but he will truly live on through you!! I am glad for what you inherited from him!! “Disdain for authority” seems more relevant these days! May his wonderful memories sustain you in the coming year.

Bill Geist

Thanks, my friend. Best to you.

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